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The 500-year-old CV template, by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in Tuscany; as well as imagining the first parachute, tank and helicopter, he is also considered the father of palaeontology, architecture and of...

2018 Housing Strategy: Millennial preferences

Millennials were the largest group of homebuyers in 2017 making up for 34% of the total buying pool.

Are you using video to tell your story?

The digital landscape has changed significantly over the last ten years.

MIPIM 2018

We are just four weeks into the new year and MIPIM is on the horizon, March 13-16th 2018.

Cash is King.

Recently we witnessed the collapsed in one of the largest construction companies across the UK, threatening 43,000 jobs and hundreds of subcontractors and smaller businesses.

Construction is for women, too.

The construction industry would need to recruit 400,000 people a year to meet the country’s needs up to 2021, according to a report by consultant Arcadis.

No news is good news.

Many people use this phrase as a way of avoiding the delivery of important and often bad news, such as unsuccessful interview feedback, job application rejections, constructive criticism etc.

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