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If technology is the future, are we future proof?

The digital revolution technically all started in the late 1950’s with a new transistor that paved the way for us to move away from analogue radios, VHS and eventually the...

The C Word.

Nothing is more frustrating for a recruiter or hiring company than a candidate accepting a counteroffer.

Looking for the answer?

Do you remember back in primary school when during class the teacher would ask questions? I remember some children would race to be the fastest to raise their hand, others would...

Why you'll want to meet me.

Normally, a lot of people are fairly reluctant to meet their chosen recruitment partner, whether you’re a candidate or a client.

Here, there and aftercare.

Any recruiter worth their salt when asked what they think the most important part of the recruitment process is will undoubtedly give a different answer depending on the type of...

Being human.

I love what I do and have been blessed to have worked in the recruitment sector for nearly 15 years now.

Introducing Peter...

Peter Wallis joined GKR London in February 2019 as a recruitment consultant within our office support team, tasked with the expansion of our marketing division across the property industry.

The reason to plan ahead.

I seem to have said this a lot over the past few weeks, however regardless of what may or may not be happening outside of our four walls and with...

Are you sitting comfortably?

When recruiters think of the perfect candidate, theoretically it would describe someone who is always interested in speaking to you, is excited by appropriately matched jobs that you discuss with...

Trusting the process.

Systems and processes play a significant role in the successful running of a company.

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